2016 Caucus
2016 Caucus

Flags and Tees for the 4th!

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Please join us at our monthly meetings as we work to support Democratic candidates and Democratic principles at the local, state and national levels.


Picture courtesy of Sue Rorke

Medway Democrats Award Clorite Scholarship

The Medway Democratic Town Committee (MDTC) is pleased to announce that Samuel McKeown of Medway has won the Robert and Evelyn Clorite Scholarship for the academic year 2019-2020.

Sam is a member of the Medway High School Class of 2020. He is Senior Class President, a member of National Honor Society, and was also quite active in several clubs and organizations including the Medway High School Democrats, Peer Counseling, and Baseball. Sam will attend Colby College in the Fall, where he hopes to major in Government. He lives in Medway with his parents Mike and Jenn McKeown and brother Charlie.

The MDTC wants to thank all the students who submitted essays. Given the disruption to their schooling this year, we are gratified they all found time to compose thoughtful and interesting pieces.

The Clorite Scholarship to a member of Medway High School’s graduating class who writes the best essay discussing every citizen’s role in shaping and participating in our American democracy. The $600 award is named for Robert and Evelyn Clorite, educators, long-time Medway residents and MDTC founders. Over the past 6 years the MDTC has awarded over $3,600 in scholarships to deserving Medway seniors. Funds for this scholarship come from the proceeds of the MDTC food booth at Medway Pride Day. We are looking forward to this year’s “better late than never” Pride Day celebration, and want to thank you in advance for supporting the Clorite Scholarship through your purchases at our Pride Day booth.

Those interested in getting involved with the Medway Democratic Town Committee should contact Larry Ellsworth at email@medwaydemocrats.org or check out their website at www.medwaydemocrats.org or their Facebook page @MedwayDems. 


Please See Important Information Regarding Upcoming Elections         

Upcoming Elections

Election Date

Last Day to Register to Vote

Dates for Early Voting

Last day to request an absentee ballot

Last Day to return completed absentee ballot

Medway Town Election

May 19, 2020

postponed to

June 16, 2020





Massachusetts State Primary Election

September 1, 2020

August 12, 2020


Not Available

August 31, 2020


September 1, 2020


Massachusetts General Election

November 3, 2020

October 14, 2020


October 19, 2020 – October 30, 2020

November 2, 2020


November 3, 2020


Note: Absentee ballots must be RECEIVED by the date of the election. Be sure to send your ballot in a timely manner.


Article on Postponing Medway Town Meeting and Elections

Request an absentee ballot for Town of Medway June 16, 2020 election


Voting in Massachusetts – important links

Voting in Massachusetts - FAQs

Register to vote

Not sure on your voter registration status?

Where do I vote?

What does the ballot look like? (Who and what is being voted on?)




Next MDTC Meeting: 

The next MDTC meeting will be Thursday 4 June at 7:00 pm.
Committee members will receive an email from the chair with videoconference information.
Non-members may send a request for the videoconference information to email@medwaydemocrats.org.

 Please direct any questions to email@medwaydemocrats.org.


2020 Census:

The United States Census Bureau is hiring and we need to help them spread the word about open positions.  The President continues to put roadblocks up so that not all people are counted. I urge you to share this Census counter sign up form with your networks—they are now paying $27.50/hr. to help make sure we get an accurate count on this year’s Census. Please share this with as many networks as you can. We must help in getting an accurate count!  Why?

For Massachusetts, 16 Billion dollars is a stake—that’s money which can change our schools, improve our transportation infrastructure, expand our affordable housing, and increase our public works. Not only is so much money at stake, but also making sure all the people in Massachusetts are represented. Past Censuses have undercounted groups like youth, people of color, LGBTQ people, immigrants, seniors, and renters. Each of us deserves to be counted because this Census can change the trajectory of our future.


For more resources on the 2020 Census and how to help undercounted populates be included, visit:



About Medway Democratic Town Committee


The Medway Democratic Town Committee  represents Medway at state conventions and meetings and conducts the  Medway Democratic Caucases.  In addition, we  maintain a volunteer organization year-round so that we have the structure in place to support Democratic candidates.  We invite elected officials to meetings to create a two-way dialogue allowing members to hear about their legislative priorities  and allowing our elected officials and candidates to hear local concerns. 

We also support Democratic principles in the community.

Join our Email List:

Email us at:  email@medwaydemocrats.org and we'll keep you up to date with the important events and news.

You can keep up with MDTC on Facebook.  Anyone can view our
page. Facebook members can also comment.   Please check in often to Facebook - it's our easiest way to share current info.



In the Past


Convention - Saturday, September 14, 2019


Men: Mike Fahey, Mark Lannigan, Bob Ferrari
Women: Kathleen Yorkis, Jen Pavlov, Mendy Tarkowski
Alternates: Larry Ellsworth, Chris Duryea, Laura Mullen

Also attended: Paul Yorkis, Sue Rorke, Sam McKeown and David Blackwell


Medway Delegates at the convention MA Democratic Convention 2019


2019 Caucus Results:

The following people were elected as Delegates for the Town of Medway:
Mike Fahey, Mark Lannigan, Bob Ferrari, Kathleen Yorkis, Jen Pavlov, Mendy Tarkowski
Alternates: Larry Ellsworth, Chris Duryea, Laura Mullen

Also attended: Paul Yorkis, Sue Rorke, Sam McKeown and David Blackwell


2018 Caucus Results:

The following people were elected as Delegates for the Town of Medway on February 3:
   Jen Pavlov, Melinda Tarkowski, Sue Rorke, Nick Griglack, Michael Fahey, Larry Ellsworth

Brian Adams and Paul Yorkis will also be voting delegates.
The following people were elected as Alternates:
   Kathleen Yorkis, David Blackwell, Carla Cataldo and Kim Thibeault


2017 Caucus Results:

The following people were elected as Delegates for the Town of Medway on April 1:
   Deborah S. Kreiser-Francis, Melinda Tarkowski, Kim Thibeault, Nick Griglack, David Blackwell, Brian Adams (Ex officio delegate)
The following people were elected as Alternates:
   Jessica McCarthy, Jennifer Pavlov, Luc Lafayette, Ryan Arego

Retail Marijuana

MDTC sponsored and organized a forum on retail marijuana.  Retail Marijuana establishments were rejected by Medway voters in 2018.  Medway continues to allow growers.


Handout from Forum
Marijuana Forum Final Feb 28.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [361.9 KB]
Forum Panel


Medway Election Results November 2016 - UNOFFICIAL:


Total Votes Cast:   7785


Clinton:                  4006

trump:                    2946


Kennedy:               3889

Rosa:                     2629


Roy:                       4413


Murray:                  825

Opponent:             896


Question 1 - Casinos:

Yes:            3036

No:             4546


Question 2 - Charters:

Yes:           2835

No:            4835


Question 3 - Farm Animals:

Yes:           6015

No:            1651


Question 4 - Pot:

Yes:           4068

No:             3641


11/8/2008 - Medway Voting Results from wickedlocal.com

TOWN Turnout:  89%
STATE Turnout:  71%

Daniel Haley (R)  872 (Town)  /   10756 (State)
Carolyn C. Dykema (D)   915  /  11,647
James E. Vallee (D) (unopposed) 3,649 (Town) / NA

Karen E. Spilka (D)  4,831 / NA

James P. McGovern (D)  5,026 / NA

John F. Kerry (D)   3,971 / 1,958,404
Jeffery K. Beatty (R) 2,702 / 922,409
Robert J. Underwood (L)  173 / 94,727

McCain/Palin (R)  3,122 / 1,104,003
Obama/Biden (D) 3,736 / 1,885,922

Eliminate the state personal income tax?
Yes - 2,490 / 902,240
No  - 4,423/ 2,061,574

Replace the criminal penalties for possession of marijuana one ounce or less with civil penalties?
Yes - 4,733 / 1,937,927
No - 2,202 / 1,036,135

Prohibit dog races on which betting or wagering occurs?
Yes - 3,761 / 1,644,680
No - 2,858 / 1,282,268

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