2016 Caucus
2016 Caucus

Our 2018 Caucus is scheduled for February 3.  This year promises to be full of drama as the governor's race heats up.  The Convention plays a key role in determining which candidates are on the primary ballot.  All registered Medway Democrats are welcome to attend, vote for delegates to the State Convention in June, and be considered as a delegate.   Alternate delegates will also be elected.

Add-on delegates can apply in the following categories:  Minority (Black, Hispanic, Asian, Native American, Cape Verdean), Disability, LGBT+ and Youth (18 by September 18, 2018 and 35 or under as of June 1, 2018). 

When: Saturday, February 3, 11 a.m. - 1 p.m.
Where:  Medway Library


Retail Marijuana Forum


Please join us on February 28 at 7 p.m. at Town Hall for a discussion on what a retail Pot Shop in Medway means.  Stay tuned for panel participants.  We are hoping the discussion will be aired on Medway Cable. 


Tuesday, March 6 - Town Election to approve or ban pot shops.

Monday, March 19 - Town Meeting to approve or ban pot shops.



Please join us at our monthly meetings as we work to support Democratic candidates and Democratic principles at the local, state and national levels.




Town Government 101: How Medway Works and How You Can Help


MDTC sponsored this event - A how-to session outlining the process by which Medway residents govern themselves.  You can read the Powerpoint Overview on our Community page.


Thanks to Larry Ellsworth for this informative event!




The Medway Democratic Town Committee  represents Medway at state conventions and meetings and conducts the  Medway Democratic Caucases.  In addition, we  maintain a volunteer organization year-round so that we have the structure in place to support Democratic candidates.  We invite elected officials to meetings to create a two-way dialogue allowing members to hear about their legislative priorities  and allowing our elected officials and candidates to hear local concerns. 

We also support Democratic principles in the community.

Join our Email List:

Email us at:  email@medwaydemocrats.org and we'll keep you up to date with the important events and news.

You can keep up with MDTC on Facebook.  Anyone can view our
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We Support Democratic Candidates at the Local, State and National levels.


Candidate forums, Scholarships and more.


Monthly meetings and other events


Who we are!


Medway Election Results November 2016 - UNOFFICIAL:


Total Votes Cast:   7785


Clinton:                  4006

trump:                    2946


Kennedy:               3889

Rosa:                     2629


Roy:                       4413


Murray:                  825

Opponent:             896


Question 1 - Casinos:

Yes:            3036

No:             4546


Question 2 - Charters:

Yes:           2835

No:            4835


Question 3 - Farm Animals:

Yes:           6015

No:            1651


Question 4 - Pot:

Yes:           4068

No:             3641






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