2016 Caucus
2016 Caucus

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Medway Democratic Town Committee provides services to Medway, most notable the annual Candidates Forum for local town election, and the annual Robert and Evelyn Clorite Scholarship of $700 (2018), awarded to a senior.  We are visible during the election seasons, sign holding, canvassing and phone calling our neighbors to answer questions about Democratic candidates.  We also host informational forums such as a 2015 discussion on First Responders and a 2018 Marijuana Forum.  In addition, we hold voter registration drives at Medway High.  We participate in the annual Medway Clean Sweep.  And our Sausage Sub booth is among the most popular food booths at the annual Medway Pride Day!


We also take positions on local issues.  In 2016, we objected to the BOS and their reluctance to consider community opinions in their actions related to the proposed power plant.  We took a position against Ballot Question 2 (we did not want to increase the number of charter schools statewide), and worked with the school committee who subsequently took a position against Ballot Question 2. 


We currently support changing the name of the Board of Selectmen to a gender neutral name.  Continuing to have "men" in the name demonstrates a lack of inclusion, even though a handful of women have served on the board. 


Current Town Events and Issues

Want to run for town office?  You must get papers by March 27, 2020.  Visit www.townofmedway.org for a list of openings.  The town elections will be on May 19.



         Thursday,  October 12,2017  


This non-partisan event was open to everyone who lives or works in Medway and has a stake in the Town’s success.

Members of the Board of Selectmen, School Committee, Finance Committee, Town Administration, and others were on hand to describe how town government works, what the various boards and committees do and how they interact, how and when the town’s budget is developed, and how Medway citizens and other stakeholders can be effective partners in making Medway work well for everyone.

The event was crafted by Larry Ellsworth.  Everyone agreed that it was enlightening on all levels.  We are lucky to have such committed town officials - it was clear that everyone on the panel cares deeply about Medway.


Panel members:

Michael Boynton:  Town Administrator

Maryjane White:  Chair of the Board of Selectman

Mark Cerel: Moderator

Frank Rossi:  Chair of the Finance Committee

Andy Rodenhiser:  Chair of the Planning and Economic Development Board

Armand Pires: School Superintendent


Download the PDF Document below under Documents for more information.

Document Resources

Town Government 101: How Medway Works and How You Can Help by Lawrence Ellsworth
This pdf document outlines the process by which Medway citizens govern themselves.
Town Government 101 v5.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [616.7 KB]

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